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Moray Art Centre Board of Trustees includes individuals who have experience and skills in arts curriculum development, business and organisational management and banking.  Our constitution allows for a Board of between 5 and 12. We also have a Board of Advisors who again are all specialists in their fields. Currently we have a Board of Directors of 10, an Board of Advisors of 50 and a subscriber group of 70

Bill Austin (Chair)

William Powrie (Treasurer & Finance Director)

A career banker, William Powrie retired from LloydTSB after 37 years service. He worked for the Bank across the UK in various positions and completed his career as Director for the Retail Bank for North Scotland and the Highlands. William was introduced to Moray Art Centre by Arts&Business in 2002 where he advised Randy Klinger in the early stages of the Arts Centre. In 2004 he was awarded The A&B Individual award in Scotland. In 2005 he won the UK individual of the Year (A&B) and in 2006 received further commendation for his work with the Art Centre. In 2012 he was appointed Executive Director of Moray Art Centre. In addition to his work with the Centre he is also Chairman of Dornoch Academy PC and enjoys his interests in Horse Racing. Elaine Bailey Maria Craig Leo Kendall Randy Klinger


Elaine Bailey

Leo Kendall

Randy Klinger

Arnold Kusters

Alice Mayne

Anne Skene