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Main and Community Gallery:  5th  July – 3rd August

‘Myth, Mystery and Power’

Kay Dayton, Fiona Graham, Michael Jessing and Pat Miller:  3D, paintings, performance


MYTH, MYSTERY AND POWER is an exploration of archetypes, Goddess myths and the cycles and stages of life.

It is about many aspects of femaleness – physical, sensual, political, archetypal, spiritual. It is by women and men for women and men. It is intended to be seen and experienced, remembered and discussed, so that its impact extends far beyond the gallery walls.

Because the Goddess matters, the planet matters and changing times require a reassessment of what it means to be a human alive now. This exhibition is a crucible for recalibrating the relationships between women and themselves and between the feminine and the masculine.

Myth, mysteries and powers meet in Pat Miller’s intricate paintings of archetypes that come from deep within; in Michael Jessing’s paintings of the Goddesses Kali, Inanna, Yemaya and Danu; in Kay Dayton’s stunning altarpiece that honours women’s transitions from the Maiden into the Mother and on into the Queen and the Crone: in Fiona Graham’s fibre pen drawings of free-flowing feminine energies.

Prints, cards, books, 2D and 3D originals by the four visual artists are for sale. Also, drawing and writing materials are available here for visitors who feel inspired to create.

Playful yet profound, outraged and outrageous, MYTH, MYSTERY and POWER is visionary and innovative. It is a must-see exhibition.