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Within Gallery 2,  Moray Art Centre features the work of Arts & Craft artists from around Scotland, many being from the local area.  We currently have the work of:

New in Gallery II – Bjorn Borseth – Glass Artist

Melanie Muir creates a range of unique jewellery using a process of her own invention involving veneers of polymer clay and several stages of firing.  The pieces then go through many levels of fine sanding and buffing, and the finished result makes for a practical, robust, yet beautiful item.  Her work is represented in many UK galleries and is in the collections of private individuals worldwide.




Helen Rawlinson designs and creates unique handmade cufflinks.  Beautiful lampwork glass beads are combined with sterling silver to produce a high quality and unique piece of jewellery.  Each bead is individually hand made in her workshop.  Lampworking is a fascinating and ancient craft where glass is melted and manipulated to create any number of beautiful creations from beads to sculptures.



Janis MacLean of Coast Candle Co. is based in the Scottish Highlands.  She hand pours beautiful scented candles using only the finest natural wax, fragrance and essential oils.  The candles are environmentally friendly and are healthier to burn than paraffin-based candles as they do not emit toxins whilst burning, produce 90% less smoke, have a slower burn rate and excellent fragrance retention.  Janis will be at the Moray Art Centre in July and November giving classes on making Tea Cup Candles.