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Future exhibitions include:


Main and Community Gallery:  3rd May – 17th May

‘Translations’ -  Allan J. Robertson – Andrew Smith – Mark Andrew Powell

Paintings and 3D Drawings

“Somewhere in the hollows and spaces between our carefully managed wilderness areas and the creeping, flattening effects of global capitalism, there are still places where an overlooked Britain truly exists,…”

Quote from “Edgelands” by Paul Farley & Michael Symmons Roberts P.10 2nd para.

In “Translations”, Edinburgh based artists; Allan J. Robertson (Painter), Andrew Smith (Painter) and Mark Andrew Powell (Silversmith).  Explore, in three very distinct styles, these overlooked and unexplained places.


Main Gallery:  7th – 28th June

‘The Infants Kiss’ – Melanie O’Donnell

A range of figurative sculptures based on people and horses.


Main and Community Gallery:  5th – 2nd August

‘Myth, Mystery and Power’

Fiona Graham – 3D, paintings, performance


Main Gallery:  9th August – 23rd August

Artist Practice – MAC group


Main Gallery:  24th – 28th September

‘People @ Findhorn’            – Findhorn Bay Art Week

Photo-work and videos by Adriana Bijman


Community Gallery:  November – December

‘Christmas Market’

Craft and Paintings for sale