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Future exhibitions include:


Main Gallery:  24th September – 5thOctober

‘Youth @ Findhorn’

Photowork with interview texts by Adriana Bijman

An imaginative and thought provoking exhibition that captures a special moment in time: an image of a tumultuous, brilliant, strange stage in life that we all live through.

Photographer and graphic designer Adriana Sjan Bijman presents a fascinating portrait of rural youth in the 21st Century. Through pictures and interviews she tells a story that juxtaposes the rich history of the village with the hopes, fears and aspirations of the young people living in Findhorn today. This really is community art at its very best.

“During this project I got very moved by the young people’s courage, beauty and wisdom.” Adriana Sjan Bijman

part of the Findhorn Bay Arts Festival


Community Gallery:  9th October – 31stOctober

‘Mad About Art’ – Exhibition by various artists as part of the Moray Feelgood Festival

Main Gallery:  11th October – 26thOctober

Featuring work of the Self Help Art Group


Main Gallery:  8th – 23rd November

Exhibition by Brian Nobbs

Community Gallery:  November – December

‘Christmas Market’

Craft and Paintings for sale