Gallery II



Life Drawing: Opening Ones Eyes

Showing to 26th November 2011

A selection of art work from the participants of a recent Schools Life Drawing Class, sponsored by NADFAS (Moray, Banff, Badenoch Decorative and Fine Art Society)

Waist 2 Waste

Tuesday 14 December to Wednesday 12 January, 2010.

Following on from the Waste 2 Waist Fashion show held in Elgin last month, Moray Art Centre is pleased to show the final designs, by young people aged 11-25 from across Moray, in Gallery II from Tuesday 14 December to Wednesday 12 January, 2010. (Closed Saturday 7 Jan). Exhibition Sponsored by Greener Moray

Behind the Dawn

Celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity

Saturday 6 November – Friday 10 December 2010

This world abounds in beauty and light, and nature yields an everlasting inspiration which is to be gained only by true admiration of herself in all her moods.
Joseph Forsyth Johnson, (1840 – 1906) an English landscape architect, disciple of John Ruskin.

An exhibition celebrating the beauty and wonder of the natural world accompanied by a series of events.

As the International Year of Biodiversity draws to a close, this event is dedicated to that vital connection with the natural world and the inspiration that can be drawn.


  • Evaporation (2009), Jana Winderen – Film & Sound Environment Recordings 25 metres under the ice of Greenland and inside the ice itself
  • Cell biology microscopy, x-ray chrystalography and scanning electron microscopy photography by The University of Edinburgh
  • Midwinter, Close Reflection, Water Wind and Light –  Contemplative films of nature by James Hawkins
  • Paintings Inspired By Nature – of an aesthetic interpretation of a microscopic world by Hamer Dodds, Edinburgh Scientist

Artists’ Trail in the Park 2010 Exhibition

4 April – 18 April, 2010

Painting, Pottery, Weaving, Wood Craft, Photography

Abandoned by Eilidh Thomson

14 November – 10 December, 2009

Photographic artist Eilidh Thomson, a graduate of BA Hons Fine Art exhibits her current work “Abandoned”, with images taking within Moray. Eilidh’s work is about space & the viewers interpretation. Her use of light is a fundamental aspect of her work. Eilidh’s work will be exhibited with the Royal Scottish Academy next year to celebrate the 113th Annual exhibition of the SSA.

Through my personal encounters with form in interior space I have endeavoured to interpret the mood, presence and space of the environment. I visualise the sense of history and abandonment of these spaces, as well as represent the passage of time. Human experience forms a central core of my practice, bridging the gap between what is real and what is imagined, involving the viewer as they navigate their own interpretation and understanding of the world through my work.

Bespoke Rugs by Mary Lane

27 October – 7 November, 2009

Patterns and designs emerging instinctively from a store of impressions and influences

See Me…I’m a photographer

October, 2009

‘See me’ is Scotland’s national campaign to end mental health stigma and discrimination. Moray Art Centre is please to be one of the local hosts for their annual photography competition.

Moray Art Centre Class of 08/09

August – September, 2009

A selection of art from tutors and participants who have taken part in classes over the last year, here at Moray Art Centre.

Citizenship – New Elgin Primary School

23 & 28 June, 2009

At New Elgin Primary citizenship is taken very seriously. Taking part in events within the community, not only at local level but wider a field, is regarded as extremely important.

The exhibition which covers the theme of Citizenship, includes a variety of multi-media art work, has been produced by the P7s last term to explore with the pupils what being a responsible citizen is all about.

stART to Exhibit – From making to curating

26 May – 31 May, 2009

An exhibition of pottery created by 8 Primary Schools within Moray. ‘From Making to Curating’ has provided young people with the opportunity to learn about a range of career opportunities available in the cultural sector.The project gives young people an opportunity to experience applied & visual arts in both gallery and heritage settings, developing an understanding of interpretation and curatorial processes.

Moray Arts Club Members 2nd Exhibition

2 May – 23 May, 2009

An exhibition of over 80 works from the regional arts members organisation, Moray Arts Club. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to vote for their ‘best in show’. The winning artist will receive 5 free studio days at Moray Art Centre. All entries will also be entered into a raffle with the winner receiving £10 gift voucher for classes at Moray Art Centre.

Artists’ Trail in the Park Exhibition

3 April – 26 April, 2009

This exhibition brings together the work of five Findhorn-based artists, two watercolour painters, a pottery studio, a weaving studio, and a photographer. For more information click here.

Gordonston School

9 September – 20 September, 2008

A selection of artwork from the A level class of 2007 / 2008. The work represents coursework produced for the final A level practical exam under the given theme of “Transition”, in addition to work produced under themes chosen by the individual students.

Class of 2008/07

15 August – 27 September, 2008

A selection of work from participants of classes held at Moray Art Centre over the last year.

The Observer Effect Exhibition

15 August – 31 August, 2008

An exhibition of work from local artists in conjuction to ‘The Observer Effect’ conference taking place on 22 & 23 August at Moray Art Centre.

Transient Light – Photography by Ian Cameron

3 July – 13 August, 2008

Transient Light features the landscape, fine art and travel photography of Ian Cameron. With a library of 30,000 images this exhibition of Ian’s work shows the very best of his Scottish landscapes including local scenes.

Moray Arts Club 1st Exhibition

9 May – 17 May, 2008

Moray Arts Club’s first exhibition at Moray Art Centre will give the public a chance to see the talent of local professional and amateur artists who are members of this strong regional art club.

Artists’ Trail in the Park Exhibition

14 March – 13 April, 2008

The exhibition is a first-time joint initiative of five artists who set up “The Artists’ Trail in the Park”, a craft trail initiative set up last July where the artists open their studios to the public for crafts demonstrations and sales.

The five artists involved are Belia Biesheuvel, resident potter of the Findhorn Pottery, Richard Brockbank, furniture maker and sculptor, Kathryn Kusa, weaver and textile artist, Henrietta Rose, watercolour artist specialising in birds and plants, and Jonathan Wheeler, watercolour artist specialising in scenes from the Scottish Highlands.

Nicholson Arts Ltd

23 February – 12 March, 2008

Showcasing a diverse section of works produced by past and present clients of Nicholson Arts Ltd, a charity which encourages creativity and well being in people with mental health issues.

Andrew Murray: Retrospective Paintings & Drawings

12 February – 21 February, 2008

Andrew’s history as an Artist has covered decades, from expressionistic observations of the deserts of the American South-West to intimate observation of the human form. Andrew looked deeply into his own person, in his self-portraits and enjoyed the patterns and textures of the nude body; all through his own personal filter: questioning, delving, delighting! This exhibition represents examples of his work for over 3 decades, in 19 works in colour.