Joy Nagy


Evocative Landscape and Botanical Drawings

Saturday 27th February, 2009 – Saturday 4th April, 2009

Joy Nagy finds her inspiration in the metaphors and symbols of nature. Through pencil and watercolour studies, the exhibition showcases highlights from two series of recent work from the artist.

The first series of drawings is inspired by her discovery of a giant Burdock leaf during an artist’s residency in Vermont. The resulting ‘leaf-scapes’ are a portrait of nature. In the words of the artist, “Following the pathways of the veins and arteries of the leaf with brush and line allowed me to travel through the roadmap of the leaf, be it new and tender or aged and eaten away by bugs, creating a lace-like surface.”

Intrigued by the cellular structure, density, texture and succulence of the leaf, she began distorting them into abstract shapes.  “As I watched the leaves wither and change I recognised the fragility of our ecosystem and our own life cycle.”

Nagy’s Pine Forest series of drawings took place during ‘breaks’ from her leaf studies. They are deceptively simple drawings, yet they evoke all the tranquillity of the forest, the result is like a private conversation between the artist and the landscape.