Mary Bourne


A Thread of Light

Sat 27 February to Sat 3 April 2008

Mary Bourne is a visual artist based near Dufftown in rural North East of Scotland. Working principally in natural stone she uses a variety of techniques (carving, sandblasting, heat and polishing) to explore mankind’s emotional, intellectual and physical relationships with the world we live in. For this exhibition, developed especially for the space at the Moray Art Centre, she looks at the miraculousness and tenuousness of life and the unknowable nature of the future.

In A Thread of Light, Mary Bourne has created a beautiful body of work that may be seen as a contemplation of nature. The artist references plant life and water as well as lunar and solar cycles in this reflective series of works. The underlying themes featured through the exhibition include time and rhythm as well as nature’s cycles and transitions through growth and passage. Bourne notes the profundity of the ecological crisis in recent years but highlights nature’s resilience; in this exhibition, nature represents the beauty, fragility and tenacity of life.

Working with stone is a slow art, a process that allows lots of time to consider and develop ideas. The work itself is realised in stone, implying a geological timescale. The treatment of the stone – sand blasting, carving and polishing – reveals the natural colour of the materials.  Additionally, Bourne makes subtle and stunning use of precious metal leaf, including gold, silver and platinum to act as a counterpoint to the stone.

Bourne is an established Scottish artist, based near Dufftown, who has undertaken numerous site-specific commissions for public places and exhibited widely nationally and internationally, winning numerous awards and prizes.

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