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An ecologically ­built exhibition space in the north of Scotland, Moray Art Centre is designed to be a model of 100% energy sustainability.


Moray Art Centre is based upon low environmental impact building, through ecological and sustainable material specification. From the start, the aim of the building was to minimise the on-going operational expenditure through investing in efficient heating, lighting, ventilation and water systems.


The plan was originally derived from a rigorous public consultation exercise, from which the design of the facilities and services was established, maximising overall economic social and environmental benefits. The project used locally sourced materials and, wherever possible, ecologically-­friendly building materials.


The Art Centre also benefits from an ecologically engineered sewage treatment plant, the Living Machine, which is situated in the Findhorn Eco-village. All water from sinks and toilets in the area is recycled. The Art Centre also tries to ensure, where possible, that all waste is recycled too.

The building has become a resource for learning, as it is a model of Eco sustainability and recognised in a number of architectural awards.

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