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Drawing Out Your Inner Artist

Drawing course with Celia – Follow on course from ‘Drawing for the Terrified’ - Draw with Confidence

All levels welcome, especially beginners

Wednesdays starting 28th September

Time: 10am – 1pm

Dates: 28th Sept. 5th Oct, (no class on 12th or 19th Oct.) 26th Oct. 2nd, 9th,16th, 23rd,30th November 2022

Duration: 8 week course

Price: £240.00 or 2 instalments of £120.00 - All materials and refreshments included

Venue: Moray Art Centre, Findhorn, IV36 3TA


Come and practice the fundamentals of the visual language. We’ll be drawing various objects each week, making your own compositions with Still Life objects and making Portraits applying the 6 perceptions of drawing; Edges, Spaces, Relationships, Light and Dark, Colour and the Gestalt. We’ll be doing lots of fun and inspirational drawing exercises and using materials such as pencils, rubbers, coloured pencils, charcoal, conte crayons, pen and ink, coloured inks, pastels. Whether you are a beginner or have been drawing all your life we all need to practice so come and join the group, meet new like-minded friends, make some great art, de-stress, and have some fun! (or even, learn a new exciting skill!)


Please book with Celia: email: (I will send you bank details to pay)

Many thanks. Can’t wait to see you soon and make some more fantastic drawings!

Gift Cards are not accepted for this course


Paint Play

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‘Fertility Goddess’ by Rosie Fisher (mixed media)

Painting course with Celia – Paint Play – Adding and Subtracting. Building layers and finding your unique style

All levels welcome

Fridays starting 30th September

Time: 10am – 1pm

Dates: 30th Sept. 7th, 14th, October (no class on 21st October) 28th, 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th November

Duration: 8 week course

Price: £280.00 or 2 instalments of £140.00 - All materials and refreshments included

Venue: The Moray Art Centre, Findhorn, IV36 3TA


Choose a theme or bring in an object from home or a photograph that has meaning to you personally. Create preliminary sketches and drawings leading to a series of paintings based on this.


Themes: Inside, Outside, Family/Figurative, Narrative/Surrealist, Autumn, Letting go, The Mundane.

Objects can be anything from your home that has a personal meaning for you. e.g your grandfather’s pipe, your mother’s favourite flower, your old teddy.

Photograph can be a landscape that you love, a place you grew up in as a child etc.


We shall be using a range of drawing materials (dry)

Pencils, coloured pencils, charcoal, rubbers, conte crayons, pastels (chalk and oil) marker pens, drawing pens, black ink.

Wet materials: Coloured inks, acrylic paints, house paints, thinning and thickening mediums for paint.

Collage materials: old books, decorative scrap papers, old magazines, old photographs, old theatre/bus travel tickets, old maps, old sheet music, any other detritus.

Tools: As well as the traditional brushes, we can apply paint with bowl scrappers, trowels, palette knives, scratch into the paint with screwdrivers and use sandpaper to reveal layers underneath.

Building layers, adding and subtracting: We will learn about how to build layers by using paint thickly (adding mediums) and thinly by watering down, wiping off and creating washes as well as glazing.


You will become more aware of how to use the Compositional Elements of picture making such as Line; will your line be thick, thin, wide, wiggly, straight, broken, scalloped, curved, looped, scribbled, smooth, repeated lines, cross-hatched, meandering etc.

Will your Shapes be organic, angular, hard-edged, soft-edged, torn, straight, large, small, representational, abstract, symbolic, meaningful such as numbers, letters, architectural drawings, chemistry, music, maps etc.

Spaces; will they be cluttered or a rest for the eyes?

Texture: will it be rough and expressive or smooth and calm?   

Contrast: How much contrast can you make with the multitude of tonal values? Is your work all mid-tone? How can you make it stronger?  

Colour: Learn how to use colour in a powerful way: Know the difference between saturated, non- saturated, (neutral or mixed colours) Complimentary and harmonious colour mixing.

Interpreting your personal subject matter: Working from representational subject matter that you can bring into the class, it can be a meaningful object or a photograph, OR you can work completely abstractly and intuitively. In whatever way you would like to work, you will be finding your unique style through the process of making your series of paintings.


Please book with Celia: email:

When you have booked your place, I will send you my bank details for your payment.

Many thanks.

Hope to see you soon for some more fantastic Art making!

Gift Cards are not accepted for this course

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