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Freedom Within: How to Heal Yourself, Others and the World - NOW!

Tutor: Michael Wolff

Date and Time: 6 week block Tuesday Evenings 1st March - 5th April (7 - 9pm)

Cost: £72 (6 week block)




Michael Wolff offers a practical guide on how to heal yourself - quickly. Rather than addressing the symptoms, Michael shows you how to heal the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual causes of ill-health and unhappiness.  He shows how we are born connected, but as a result of early conditioning, most of us have become chronically disconnected. We are then driven by fear and anxiety and lose our sense of feeling truly happy and fulfilled. He shows us how, in disconnection, our energy gets blocked and how this can result in disease and failures in one or more areas of our life.
Michael then shows how easy it is to re-connect and let go - to fully experience FREEDOM WITHIN. It is literally a switch from FEAR to LOVE. He then offers some easy practices to enable us to integrate through "active awareness". This entails  adjusting - moment by moment - from feelings of resistance to being in harmony and in the flow.
His philosophy can be summed up simply: "We are all One. Your joy is my joy. Your pain is my pain. Your healing is my bliss. When the world is healed, I am healed". After a 35 year journey of personal transformation, Michael believes he now has the codes that will enable you to reach a fully expanded state of consciousness in a fraction of the time. “While I wouldn’t have missed my journey for anything, my sense is that now is the time for a quantum global shift. We cannot afford the luxury of enjoying a protracted journey for our own individual transformation.”




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