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Mastering Form through Drawing: Illusionistic Volume
Creating a stronger 3 dimensional presence in 2 dimensional arts through clarity of form

Tutor: Randy Klinger

Dates & Times: 

NEW! - Uninstructed Classes - Mondays 7-9pm (classes run in 4 week blocks - see below for details)

Instructed Classes - Wednesdays 7-9pm (classes run in 4 week blocks - see below for details)

Cost: £45 - 53 for 4 week block



Through pencil drawing from still-life objects, you will learn and gain clarity of perception,

accurate depiction of what you see, and begin to understand and master form; the clear

depiction of three-dimensional form. Participants will begin to gain greater visual acuity,

sensitivity to the use of line, authentic expression and inspired imagination.


Randy Klinger (58), originally from New York, based in Findhorn, Scotland for 23 years.
He has been an Artist since the age of 4. He had exhibited his drawings and paintings in

New York, Italy, Germany, Japan and The Netherlands. He has been teaching art for 23

years, in the Moray Art Centre, which he built, in Findhorn (7 studios & 2 exhibition spaces, partnered with The British Museum). At Edinburgh Drawing School his mentor was Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich.

Since 1400, people have been fascinated to bring life to a flat piece of paper; an apple in a bowl that you wanted to reach out to eat, a street that you believed you could actually walk upon. These retinal impressions in drawing and painting triggered a tactile response - a sense that a flat image could move, breathe or speak. Illusionistic space and volume is the aspect of drawing and painting that we will progress in this training.

Depicting the figure, using clear illusionistic form, we will create a presence for the viewer. 15th century Florentine artists, through their study of nature, use of perspective and the depiction of form through light and cast shadows, created a verisimilitude of the natural world.

We can carry their work forward towards the next-stage of evolution: creating the presence of a form in a palpable way – the bulk, form, fragrance, breath of that person entering into the viewer’s space.

This training will raise your visceral and intellectual sensitivity to form, the effect of diversity

and strength of line, and your ability to understand and master form.

We will work from live models and still life. My aim is to bring the viewer into contact with a solid, heroic figure whose presence can be felt viscerally, so as they begin to gradually sense the person’s form, breathe, scent, heat, and thereby, their world.

“If you can see, you can draw.”





Classes typically run in 4 week blocks


Instructed Classes (Wednesday evenings; 4-week blocks)

Min. participants: 8, max. participants: 10


Models, refreshments, all materials; included.


• Still-Life drawing: Block of 4, 7 pm - 9 pm; £46; (One still-life set-up for the entire 4-week block)
26 October
2 November
9 November
16 November 
• Life Drawing: Block of 4, 7 pm - 9 pm; £54; (One model for the entire 4-week block)
23 November
30 November
7 December
14 December 



Uninstructed Life Drawing Classes (Monday evenings, 7 pm - 9 pm; 4-week blocks)


£33 (Individual drop-in sessions £10)


Min. participants: 7, max. participants: 12

Model, refreshments included; pencils, erasers & sharpeners available.




31 October
7 November
14 November
21 November 
28 November
5 December
12 December
19 December

Please pay in advance for certain booking, in cash or cheque made out to: “Randy Klinger” and post to:


Randy Klinger

226 Pineridge,

The Park,



IV36 3TB,


Moray Art Centre, The Park, Findhorn, Scotland, IV36 3TA | +44 (0) 1309 692426 |

Charity Ref: SC028270