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Soul Essence Activation
Remembering Who You Are and Being That!

Tutor: Paul Aurand, MHt

Date and Time: 11-12 June, 10 am - 6 pm

Cost: £170



Remembering Who You Are and Being That!
In these two intensive days Paul will guide you through a progressive process of opening
the doorway to your inner world. By working with the major archetypes of the self for
deep inner healing you will ultimately rediscover and activate your “Soul Essence.”
Once activated, your “Soul Essence” will guide you in every aspect of your life.
Your soul carries great light and wisdom but it can become encased in negative imprints
from the past. These can be karmic. They can be energetic. They can be the residual from
things that people have said or done to you. And they can be false beliefs you have
formed over time as a result of these experiences.
Through a very powerful combination of individual and group journeys he will help you to
get off the “spinning merry go round” of the mind and find a healing peaceful place
within. Open your heart, experience expanded states of higher consciousness and
ultimately make contact with and activate your “Soul Essence.”
Some of the Transformational Journeys Paul will Guide you through are:

  • Quieting the Mind

  • Identifying and Clearing the Heart Shield

  • Opening the Heart Center

  • Meeting and Healing the Wounded Child Within

  • Discovering and Playing with the “Wonder” Child Within

  • Writing and Drawing with the Inner Child

  • Meeting and Making Peace with the Shadow Self /Saboteur

  • Discovering and Receiving Guidance from the Wise One Within

  • Breaking Through the Blocks

  • Activating of Your Soul Essence for Healing and Living from Within

  • Remember Who You Are and Be That!

  • Future Pacing your Life, Living and Being Guided by your “Soul Essence”

Paul creates a safe and healing environment where you can go deep within to resolve the
old patterns and blocks that have held you back. He has developed these journeys over
thirty years of working with thousands of people to break through and be free from
negative imprints and to meet and activate their “Soul Essence”.
Imagine remembering who you are and being that!


About Paul Aurand, MHt
Based in New York City, Paul Aurand is an award winning Master Hypnotherapist and
Hypnotherapy Instructor who has worked in the field for nearly 30 years.
He has been honored as “Instructor of the Year,” “Therapist of the Year” and
“Hypnotherapist of the Year.” He is one of the few recipients of the Newton Institute’s
“Peggy Newton Award for Extraordinary Service.”
Paul Aurand was the first elected President of The Michael Newton Institute (TNI) and is
TNI’s Director of Education and a lead trainer. He is the Founder and Director of the
Holistic Healing Center in New York City.
He has been featured in films and on television (Flipside, On the Threshold, and Dying
to Know) for his work with the ground breaking Life Between Lives Regression Therapy
developed by Dr. Michael Newton.
Paul has a passion for teaching and lectures widely in North and South America,
Australia, Europe, Turkey and Japan.
Paul was struck by lightning in July of ‘98. His near death experience and increased
sensitivity resulting from this event have led him to refocus his work as a healer and
hypnotherapist helping many discover their soul’s intent and realize their true
What some say about Paul and his work:
“Paul Aurand is an inspiring and empowering teacher.”
“These memories came to me as messages, containing remarkable revelations of my life;
messages that allowed me to understand who I am as an immortal soul.”
“Working with Paul is priceless; his experience overflows through everything he says.” 
“I´ve found in Paul a very professional therapist, a remarkable teacher and a caring and
loving human being.”


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