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Woodcarving - An Introduction

Tutor: Marian Chamrada

Date and Time: Saturdays10 am - 1 pm, 6 weeks starting 3rd September 2016

Cost: £100 (6 week block of classes)



Please note if you plan on attending this class then you should ensure you have suitable tools as these will not be supplied. For further information on the type of tools required please contact us at


‘The sound of a chisel moving through the wood, the gentle force that is required to make a groove, the excitement of shapes emerging for a material that still seems alive – this is something that cannot be described, it needs to be experienced and lived.’


In the beginning, I was told by a master carver: ‘Here is the wood, here are the tools. Just have a go.’


This course is for anyone who feels drawn to working with wood in a creative and artistic way. We will explore the basics of this ancient art form through series of sessions, each focusing on various aspects of woodcarving, and will ‘have a go’ by carving a simple project.


The sessions will include the following topics:

  • wood as a carving medium

  • understanding of tools, equipment and workspace

  • the importance of sharpening

  • demonstration and practice of various carving techniques

  • roughing out work, modelling, detailing

  • the importance of good finish



PROJECT: medium-high relief carving in Lime wood


I will guide you through the process of preparation, execution and finishing of a small project that contains various woodcarving techniques. This project will help you to understand and practice all the steps that are necessary for a successful completion, from conceiving the idea to hanging your woodcarving piece on the wall.




About Marian Chamrada:


I am a woodcarver who was introduced to this art form nearly 20 years ago in my native Czech Republic. Through practice, self-study, enthusiasm and desire to explore deeper and deeper the world of woodcarving, I have been blessed to learn and experience how satisfying it can be to see a piece of wood being transformed in front of my eyes into an object that reflects my creative potential.


And this is what I wish to share with my students – the passion for working with wood as a medium for expressing your creativity, the meditative qualities of the carving process, its sensual experience, to awaken and/or deepen your interest in expressing the beauty of your creative being.


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