All of Moray Art Centre’s classrooms have a good natural light source and are flexible, allow the teaching of any type of arts, or the holding of corporate and private events.

Classrooms A & B

These classroom spaces, which are available for three to five sessions daily, seven days a week, have a central room divider which opens up into one large studio allowing a maximum capacity of 80 people.

North­ opening large doors and windows allow access to the garden. These rooms share
the use of a washing up area.

Preparation and vertical storage room. Each classroom has enough storage space
for guests to put all equipment (tables, chairs and easels) out of sight.



Room booking Details:

Rental charges for one room are £12 per hour.

 Charge for hiring two classrooms are double the above.

The basic rental charge entitles the renter to sole occupancy of the room and the use
of chairs, tables and easels.

The renter will be expected to set up and dismantle
the equipment used.


Moray Art Centre will, on request, provide additional services on a chargeable basis.​

Refreshments £1.50 per head per day

Use of projector £5.00 per day

Use of art materials Price on Application

Publicising event on digital media £25 one-off charge

Collecting payments from attendees online and in MAC £25 per head charge

To rent these spaces for art-related events or commercial events
please contact us on admin@morayartcentre.org or +44 (0) 1309 692426