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30th Sept -  3rd Nov 2019


Randy Klinger

What I aim for in my artwork is presence: the depicted person starts to expand into the viewer's world, veins start to pulsate, breath can be heard, they become 'the perfect friend', as the viewer 'co-creates' the depicted person, making-up all that isn't there, colours, smells, life.


Inadequacy drives legacy. I am not in control of my legacy. I have exhibited all over Western Europe, and the Far East. I have spoken before hundreds in London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam. The Renaissance drawing exhibition that I curated was called, "Nameless", showing great 15th c. drawings from the back-of-the-catalogue - with a theme: What happens to 99% of artists work that is unknown, without attribution, unseen? (It turned out that 2 of the drawings were by Giovanni Bellini!).


Yet where is my legacy? Last month, a couple from Edinburgh bought a self portrait of mine.

They wrote, "I was moved to tears on unwrapping your drawing. We are so happy to have it in our lives."

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! So..my life HAS been worth something?!?


Randy Klinger

30th Sept - 3 Nov 2019

Out of Nowhere by

Carola Splettsoesser

Although painting is such a private affair, it is, paradoxically,  a means of communicating with the world in a very intimate way. Sharing ideas and feelings verbally is a lot more controlled, as it is so wide open to misunderstandings and inhibitions.  When I’m on my own, confronting a blank canvas, I let things happen. I choose the tones and colours I am drawn to in the moment, and I invite forms, colours, textures to join in a dance of their own.  I do shape it,  giving it structure, depth, vibration, transparency, contrast and rhythm.  It’s a bit like how wind and waves and little creatures come.


I choose the tones and colours I am drawn to in the moment, and I invite forms, colours, textures to join in a dance of their own.  I do shape it,  giving it structure, depth, vibration, transparency, contrast and rhythm.  It’s a bit like how wind and waves and little creatures come together and draw their pattern into the sand of the shore: a natural unfolding.  Like the shore I stand in receipt of something which wants to appear out of nowhere.


I came to live in the wider Findhorn community in the early 90s and co-created a small intentional community (Woodhead) nearby which lasted over 20 years. The marvellous Scottish countryside has inspired me to also paint naturalistic scenes, but in this show I focus on my abstract work. As a child I was surrounded by the abstract paintings of my father and sculptures by my mother. Drawing and painting was always a way of self-expression and comfort, a space sacred enough to me to not seek out further academic tuition in this field. Here I can touch into something beyond the daily puzzles, maybe finding, fleetingly, answers.


Carola Splettstoesser

2nd Sept - 30th Sept 2019


Sexy Peat / Tir Mo Ruin.

Kacper Kawalski lives and works in Poland. He is an international - Award winning photographer who devotes himself entirely to flying and photography.

Taking aerial pictures of natural and urban environments he observes nature and its modification by human activity. The image, 'its Skin', is a large polymer photogravure, part of a series of four limited edition original prints in collaboration with Highland Print Studio, Inverness.



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