Forthcoming Exhibitions

19th June -  10th September 2021

Summer School Exhibition by Participating Artists 

An Exhibition of artworks by artists who will be running workshops at our 2021 summer school.

Celia Smith, Kenneth Le Riche, Jonathan Shearer, Ginny Elston, Olivia Irvine, Val McLean, Paul Mowat, Halla Gunnarsdottir.

Come along to view and maybe buy a painting or drawing by your favourite tutors!

14th Sept - 3 Oct 2021

Dina Leigh

The Call: Into the Unknown

Series 2020/21


The Call: Into the Unknown


Each of us has experienced the pandemic in different ways: for some this has been a period of calm and peace which they had been longing for, others have been able to intensify and deepen their meditative practice; remarkable experiences of nature have allowed some to see the world in a new light, while others are fighting for survival; yet others still are taking to the streets to protest against the threat to our basic human rights.  This crisis has presented us with new experiences; it has also brought major challenges to every individual human being on the planet.  As this strange episode seems to  draw towards its close, we are looking back at what has been lost but also looking forward with hope for what is ahead. 

This is an experience that artists well know: it accompanies, it even determines every artistic process. That is why as an artist I feel impelled to explore the quest of art, which is to carry the spiritual life into the earthly; to fashion the latter in such a way that it forms, colours, tones, acts as a revelation of the world beyond.



Dina Leigh’s paintings are inspired by nature and humanity and  in the European tradition concerned more about colour, shape and transparency than representation.  

I am devoted to a way of painting in layers of waterbased gouache and binder. My practice has developed in a new perception of colours  as they come alive and show their qualities. No longer a visual representation I like to invite the viewer to spend time contemplating of what the images evoke for themselves, irrespective of the artist’s motivation.



Art has always been of great importance to me.  Born in 1950 and growing up in Amsterdam, the work by the draughtsman, painter and printmaker Rembrandt van Rijn  (1606-1669) was a strong influence and inspired me to get serious about painting at a very young age.  I have participated in Open Studios and exhibited widely in solo and group shows and have been a finalist in Norfolk Best Talents.  After post-graduate studies in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts  my husband Richard and I returned to the village of Findhorn, where I  work and give workshops in my studio. 

5th Oct - 31st Oct 2021

Andrea Turner

Details to follow