Forthcoming Exhibitions

8th Oct - 31st Oct 2021

Andrea Turner

Small Wood and Other



Small Wood and Other Stories


My main preoccupation, in both visual art and writing, centres on the way our inner landscape informs our experience and understanding of the external (natural) landscape and how the relational dance between the two results in individually unique interpretations.

I aim to capture and transcribe something of this inner/outer dance in paint and in poetry, allowing what asks to speak in the moment to be heard, while trying not to impose ideas or thoughts. In this way my work becomes an unfolding discovery for me.

My work begins with close observation of visual matter along with a deep listening both of which bring me to presence, allowing images to be stored in my memory in vivid detail. Working from these visual memories, using written notes and sometimes actual objects, I can begin painting or writing.

Usually, I have no idea how a finished work will look, the work revealing itself to me through a continuous dialogue with colour, mark, and form. The image or poem goes through many stages and changes before eventually arriving as a completed piece. Much of the art of the process is about knowing when to stop, when to be brave and push through, trusting the work. I find making art extremely challenging and frequently exhausting but nonetheless creativity is a passion that has enraptured me wholly for the past 35 years.

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OPENING NIGHT Including artist talk and welcome drinks:

8th October - 5 - 7pm


Thursday to Sunday 10am - 4pm 


Thursdays 10am - 4pm 

Saturdays 2 - 4pm


24th October 2pm 

A spoken word event with music by Tom Richardson on guitar | £8

Main gallery, Moray Art Centre.

For tickets: Email - andreaturnerarts@gmail.com Phone - 07846048680

Audience limited to 25