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Monday 3rd July 2023 - Friday 7th July 2023

5 Day course

9:30am - 4:30pm each day

All materials and a daily light lunch provided


Have you ever wanted to break away from painting what you see and work more from memory and imagination? Have you wanted to find a way of working with the human figure in a more abstract way?


Using a range of materials and techniques you will create imaginative compositions that straddle the figurative and the abstract. Expect a playful yet structured week. You will be working from a life model for one day of the five day course. Who is this course for? This course is suitable for experienced artists as well as those who have had less or no experience, but have a spirit of adventure.


About Olivia


I am an artist working mainly in painting and drawing.


My work deals with a combination of the imagined and the observed. As well as this, I use memory as a powerful source of imagery and the theatrical as a device for altering, yet intensifying narrative.


Pattern, colour and gesture play as much a part as ideas and narrative with the dynamics of the picture- making process itself throwing up choices and surprises. I feel this approach, which mixes fantasy with reality, better reflects how I feel about the psychological issues of place, identity and autobiography.


A number of years ago, I taught myself the technique of egg tempera, where I ground pigments into egg yolk and applied them to a home- made gesso ground. I have since become intrigued by the technique of buon fresco- painting onto wet plaster. The fact that the pigment has no binder and is fixed by the chemical transformation of the lime plaster fascinates me.


5-Day: Abstract Figurative

  • PLEASE NOTE: All of our workshops require a minimum number of participants for them to run. Workshops may need to be canceled or postponed if numbers are not met.

    We fully understand the current financial climate and will be happy to discuss a payment plan for our 5-day workshops that will suit you. Contact for more information.

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