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Moray Art Centre is delighted to introduce Hanna Tuulikki to Findhorn Bay, for her immersive exhibition, from 3rd March - 2nd April, originally commissioned by the Biennale of Sydney.


Seals’kin is a sonic and choreographic meditation, exploring myths of human-seal hybridity and folkloric musical practices.


Free admission to see the show at Moray Art Centre, with an extra special open-air performance at Findhorn Bay 



Learn more about Hanna's work

Hanna Tuulikki is a British-Finnish artist, composer and performer based in Scotland. Her multi-disciplinary projects investigate the ways in which the body communicates beyond and before words, to tell stories through imitation, vocalisation and gesture. With a largely place-responsive process, she considers how bodily relationships and folk histories are encoded within specific environments, ecologies and places.

In her work, she often draws on embodied vernacular knowledges, in particular, practices of vocal and gestural mimesis of the more-than-human, to offer alternative approaches to making kin, both with one other, and across multi-species entanglements. Her most recent work engages with vital questions about what it means to live on a damaged planet, proposing contemporary, queer ritual, as a means to process the trauma that comes with ecological awareness.

Seals’kin (2022), a short film, visual score and participatory vocal performance drawing on myths of human-seal hybridity and folkloric musical practices to offer alternative forms of mourning through sensuous identification with more-than-human kin.


She studied at Glasgow School of Art’s Environmental Art department and graduated in 2006. Her studio is based in Glasgow.

Hanna Tuulikki, Seals'kin workshop_Photo_ dommoore_2022_British Art Show 9_Plymouth.jpg
Performance Show
Hanna Tuulikki at Moray Art Centre

Seals'Kin: Calling for the Turning of the Tide

2nd April 2023

5:00pm - 6:30pm

FREE Admission

Rooted in exploratory vocal practice, join Hanna Tuulikki with Nic Green and Jude Williams, in this magical improvised lament to the water, which will explore seal calling songs as practices of making kin calling the seals, inviting them to surface. 

Performed by a scratch choir of singers local to Findhorn, for this performance audiences are invited to experience this work in the unique location of Findhorn Bay. 

This performance is part of Hanna's Seals'kin exhibition at the Moray Art Centre from 3rd March - 2nd April, featuring Hanna’s short film and choreographic visual score. 

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