Summer School 2021!


Paul Mowat:


Interpreting the Landscape​

28th June to 2nd July 2021


In this one week intensive course, students will be coached through the various stages of taking paintings from sketchbooks through studies, to paintings.

Using the beautiful landscape around Findhorn, students will spend a day drawing on location and gathering source material from which they will work in the studio for the rest of the week.

The drawings will be developed into prints, collage and small studies before being reworked into more resolved paintings. We will discuss line and tone, colour and composition, mark making and surface. Students will be encouraged to develop their own personal response to the landscape and to take away with them a series of studies reflecting their time spent in this environment.

Throughout the course we will look at the work of contemporary artists in conjunction with our studies.

Over the course of the week students will have learned how to…


*undertake research and location drawing,

*develop sketches into paintings

*prepare surfaces and grounds

*work with monotype printing

*Use acrylic paint and understand colour palettes

*work in series

*produce resolved studies in paint

All levels welcome!

For more information on Paul Mowat & the course please follow the booking link bellow.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315


Susie Wilson:



19th-23rd July 2021

Printmaking is an exciting discipline as it allows a variety of responses from delicate, linear drawing to bold, expressive mark making. Over the week Susie Wilson will introduce monotype, collagraph, and dry point, inspired by initial drawings made in the surrounding landscape of Findhorn.

Working on various scale, students will be encouraged to look at colour and mark making and will be shown ways to translate their ideas into print using multiple plates. The work of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Ben Nicholson, Ivon Hitchens and contemporary printmakers such as Katherine Jones will be looked at and by the end of the week students will leave with a set of prints.

All levels welcome!

For more information on Susie Wilson & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315

Val McLean image.jpg

Val McLean:

Re-imagining the Still Life

Places Available

9th to 13th August 2021


Over this week long course students will engage with a complex and dynamic studio still life set up to create imaginative and original paintings. Students will be encouraged to create works which explore, and bring together, mark, colour, and form in original and inventive compositions. At the start of the week students will be guided through a series of exercises using a variety of materials designed to facilitate the development of a unique personal visual language. These preliminary exercises will be developed further using paint to discover interesting and unusual ways of depicting aspects of the everyday.

All levels welcome!

For more information on Val McLean & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315


Jonathan Shearer:

Places Available

Exploring paint outdoors

30th August - 3rd September 2021

This course will look at a variety of ways to approach painting and drawing outdoors. We will look at all aspects from working in sketchbooks, collecting information to painting on a large scale outdoors.

Each day will hopefully be spent at a different location, in the past we have painted seascape at Hopeman Beach to the forests on the river Findhorn.

During the week I will do a series of demonstrations on a variety of techniques working in situ and I will also provide a variety of reference material on other plein air painters.

We will also look at the type of kit and prep you need to paint outdoors.

We will also have use of the large studio at Moray Art Centre to use as a base and it will also be used to spend some studio time looking at how to develop and work from information and images made on site.

All levels welcome!

For more information on Jonathan Shearer & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315

IMG_4697 copy.jpeg

Celia Smith:


Abstract Intuitive Painting - the Wow Factor


5th to 9th July 2021


In this course we will be ‘playing' with Composition, Tonal Values, Colour, Textures, Risk, and Soul in order to make your work stronger, giving it a ‘wow’ factor. We will learn about what makes us feel alive in our lives and become more conscious of the range of DIFFERENCES we use in our work to become more discerning and authentic in our art making. Experimentation, listening and trusting your intuition are the keys to unlock your development as an artist.

We will be painting on a series of 3-6 primed hardboard panels using a wide range of materials such as acrylic paints, pencils, oil and chalk pastels, collage, texture gels, glazes and gloss medium for finishing. We will use a variety of tools as well as paint brushes, such as trowels, rollers, gel plates, straight edges, and squeegees.

All levels welcome!

For more information on Celia Smith & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315

IMG_4257 (2).JPG

Allan Davies:

In progress

Painting Portraits in Oils

26th-30th July 2021


In this course we will begin by considering composition, pose, proportion and shape and how those elements within a portrait painting combine to provide a starting point from which to develop a painting, an interpretation of the sitter that incorporates likeness, personality and mood.  In support of this we will look at portrait works by other artists and how their representations of a subject relate to something that is more than ‘documentation’.

We will learn the skills and techniques of oil painting and mediums, their versatility and forgiveness (and sometimes limitations). You will be taught how to prepare grounds, how to evaluate colour, balance and temperature, and tone and value, and how they work together. We will work from a model and throughout the week, as you progress and develop you will put into practice the skills you have learned. As well as the studies that you make, you will create resolved paintings.


All levels welcome  

For more information on Allan Davies & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315


Olivia Irvine:

Imaginative Compositions

Places available

16th to 20th August 2021

Have you ever wanted to break away from painting what you see and work more from memory and imagination? Do you want to make things up, but still retain a sense of structure? Do you want to be figurative and abstract at the same time?

Using acrylic paint, monoprinting and collage you will work from memory, imagination and on the spot drawings to create imaginative compositions that straddle the figurative and the abstract. A series of experimental exercises will lead into a personal project which will open up new directions. Expect a playful yet structured week.

This course is suitable for experienced artists as well as those who have had less or no experience, but have a spirit of adventure. It is also suitable for those who have previously done Olivia’s Imaginative Compositions course, as each time the dynamics are different.

All levels welcome!

For more information on Olivia Irvine & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315

Halla Gunnarsdottir

The Sculpted Head

6th September to 10th September

A comprehensive introduction to the process of creating a life-size portrait in clay starting with the anatomy structure and the proportions of the skull to the finished portrait and guided by the Icelandic award winning artist Halla  Gunnarsdottir.

Landscape at Dallas Lodge, oil copy.JPG

Kenneth Le Riche:

Sold Out

Responding to the landscape in oils

12th to 16th July 2021


This workshop will give students the opportunity to work on one large painting from nature, over the course of five days.

Taking inspiration from the landscape around the Moray Art Centre, students will look at different approaches to painting. Using brushes, rags, sandpaper, palette knives and fingers as tools, students will work on drawings and studies which will form the basis of a larger painting. 

Demonstrations will explore the nature and qualities of oil paint and mediums such as linseed oil, turpentine, stand oil, encaustic, damar varnish and liquin to accelerate the oils drying. Throughout the week students will be encouraged to look at ways of analysing and modifying a painting; observing space, abstraction, colour and texture to create a sense of atmosphere and expression. In doing so, students will develop skills in visual perception and expressive improvisation to find and build their own visual language.

All levels welcome!

For more information on Kenneth Le Riche & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315


Ginny Elston:

Not available 

En plein air: Oil painting by the sea

2nd-6th August 2021

Students will learn techniques in working with oil paint outdoors, improve colour mixing skills and confidently apply oil paint wet-on-wet. They will learn how to assess a colour’s tone, hue, temperature and saturation in relation to those around it, in order to build up rich, vibrant paintings of the environment surrounding the Moray Art Centre. The week will also allow students to synthesise the information they have gathered outside and continue working on their ideas back in the studio.

Ginny Elston is a Scottish artist and educator, whose interests lie in the languages of painting, drawing and printmaking, as well as installation art. Following her undergraduate BA Hons in Art History and French, she went on to study painting for 3 years at the Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. She began her teaching career there in 2013, and has since worked for the Edinburgh Drawing School, the Edinburgh International Festival and was Foundation Course Leader at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China from 2018 -2019. 

All levels welcome!

For more information on Ginny Elston & the course please follow the booking link below.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315

Colin Black 'Looking beyond'.jpg

Colin Black

Imagined Landscapes

Places Available

23rd-27th August 2021


British landscape artists Peter Lanyon talked about ‘placeness’ while David Bomberg tried to capture ‘the spirit of place’. Art has never been about copying what we see but bringing together our thoughts, feelings and understanding as well as our visual observations into the work.


Starting with your own drawings, photographs and memories of a landscape you will learn how to bring out ‘your personal vision’ through exercises in colour, composition and use of materials. Each day will be structured with relevant slide lectures and demonstrations on the use of materials that include acrylic and water-based paint, pastels, pencils, charcoal and collage. You will be guided through the creative process of development, starting with smaller studies and ending the week with a resolved piece of work.

All levels welcome!

For more information on Colin Black & the course please follow the booking link bellow.

All materials & light lunch provided

Price: £315